Vortech MP10
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VorTech MP10w QuietDrive


The Vortech™ MP10wQD (wireless QuietDrive) is the most compact member of the VorTech™ family of pumps from EcoTech Marine. It’s perfect for use in smaller aquariums or to add additional flow to a larger tank. This is the non-wireless version. By EcoTech Marine.

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Product Description

Product Dimensions

  • Dry-side 2.50 x 2 in
  • Wet-side 2.50 x 1.5 in


  • Flow range 200-1,500 gallons per hour
  • Broad yet gentle flow to maintain the health of your tank’s ecosystem
  • Creates massive water movement
  • No damaging “hot spots”
  • Natural Gyre
  • Tank wide flow patterns
  • Precise control

Tank Specifications

  • Max tank thickness 0.375 in
  • Tank size 2.5 – 50+ gallons
  • Behind tank clearance – min of 2.25 inches needed


  • New & improved driver based on the award-winning VorTech™ Driver
  • 90% less motor noise
  • 6+ Continuous operational modes, including:
    • Wave Auto-Tune
    • Feed Mode
    • Night Mode

Magnetic Couple

  • No wires in aquarium to overheat or create risk of electrical discharge in tank water
  • Easier to install, relocate, and clean the power head


  • 8 – 18 watts
  • Fully compatible with EcoSmart Live (EcoTech’s free cloud-based command center)
  • Available as an upgrade for WWD and EcoSmart Drivers